Cheap International and Local Calls with Localphone Voip System

LocalphoneWith Localphone you can make cheap international, local calls and send sms text messages which are even more cheaper than the Skype rates and the sound is cristal clear. Although calling with Skype can be free this is not always the case when for example your Skype contacts are not online. For business owners the benefit of improved sound quality can be very important when making important business calls or important private calls.

How does LocalPhone work?

Localphone comes with a mobile app. After starting up the app and making a call, the app will make contact with a local phone number which is connected to a computer which has voip software installed and the computer will connect you to your destination number which can be a local or international phone number. Because the sound goes over wifi or the internet the sound is cristal clear and does not sound like your typical phone but more like someone is talking next to you. Watch the video below to find out more or click the link above.


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