Design Each Article So It Tempts People To Read Until They Reach The Bottom Of The Page

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Pictures look beautiful on a website and everyone loves looking at them. The only problem comes when you’re using great pictures, but the words you’re writing are crap. They tell us a picture is worth a thousand words. That sounds pretty and might work when talking about art, but it certainly doesn’t work when you’re talking about a website. Nice pictures don’t build relationships and get people to reach for their wallet. They are not as powerful as the written word.

That is why you must make sure you’re spending more time editing your articles than you are designing your pictures. Editing an article can be classed as design work anyway. You’re taking something, softening it in your hands and molding it into a masterpiece; a masterpiece that builds relationships and convinces someone to buy your products. If you want to know what your article should look like when it’s been through the editing process then check out these handy tips.

The headline is everything

Police Chief Sir Ian Blair faces Inquiry over Stockwell Tube Shooting
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You have one chance to hook most people in and that will be with the headline. If you can’t craft a great headline the number of people reading your article could decrease by 90%. That is how important it is. The only way to get people to click it is by getting inside their mind. The majority of people don’t even consider this when coming up with a headline and they wonder why they don’t have a bigger fan base. You now know how important it is so there are no excuses.

The first paragraph

Look at the first paragraph on any amazing blog and you will see it doesn’t start with a big block of text. When people look at this they will subconsciously think it will be too long a read. They like everything to be much clearer and that is why you need to start with a short sentence. When you start using sentences that cover three lines you will have less people reading it. One short sentence should send them to the next short sentence until they are hooked in.

Use a picture

Future city
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If your article doesn’t have any pictures you will not be doing yourself any favors. People want something to look at and if you don’t give it to them they will go and look somewhere else. One picture is amazing, but more is even better. If you have lots of relevant ones at different points in the article you are breaking up all your text. Even if it’s over two thousand words long it will still seem easier to read and that is what works best on the Internet.

Make it big

When people need the eyes of an eagle to read your writing they will turn around and go somewhere else. Staring at tiny writing on a screen doesn’t do anyone any favors, especially you. When you’re choosing the size of font you will use remember it’s better to be too big than too small. That doesn’t mean it’s so big that it looks stupid, but just remember than some people don’t have the best eyesight in the world. Make sure it’s also in a font style that people can read easily.

Lots of space

We have already spoken about using pictures to open up space on the page, but there are better ways to do it that look nicer because you can’t have a picture after every paragraph. Think about using some lists in your article and it will allow you to use bullet-points. Then you can go looking for a quote and stick that in too. Don’t make the mistake other people do and that is to forget sub-headings because it’s the quickest way to scare anyone from reading until the end.

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