Google has been sending out algorithms into the Web to assess the credibility of websites and rank them in order to provide users with the best results for their search queries. All the Panda, Penguin, and EMD updates have been effective in weeding out websites with spammy content. Many websites were lethally harmed by these algorithms and many were even ruled out of the search results. This made it necessary for SEO specialists to be extremely careful in each and every aspect of their website and content in order to prove that they are the good guys.

However, there are still many websites which manage to stay unharmed even though they don’t have quality content. Amidst all these, there are websites which lose their ranking because of a backlink posted by a competitor. What shall such website owners do? Instead of handling it themselves, Google has now given a weapon to website owners. It is the Disavow tool. If a website owner finds that his website has been given a low rank because of a backlink for which he is not responsible, he can request Google to remove the backlink.

Google has also advised website owners not to use the tool unnecessarily. They can use it only if all the other methods of link removal don’t work and if the links haven’t been removed even after sending an email request. Therefore, it is not a toy to play with. When used inappropriately, this tool might harm your website badly. Your website may even be penalized for using the tool inappropriately.

How can you Disavow backlinks?

Step 1: Log in to the Webmaster Tools.
Step 2: Find the link disavow section and select your website
Step 3: Give all the links that need to be removed in a plain text file and attach it.
Step 4: Send the file to Google and you will get a note of receipt from Google.

Google has also said that you may have to wait for a few weeks to get the links removed from your website. While the disavow tool seems to relieve you of the anxiety of getting penalized for something you did not do, there is a fat chance of getting penalized for using the tool unnecessarily. This is where you need to think twice before deciding to use the tool. Just imagine what message you are conveying to Google by using this tool. By saying that your website has spammy links and that you are not responsible for it, you are indirectly telling them that you are using SEO actively to promote your website and that you want to make your strategy even better by using the tool.

Therefore, if you find a bad link in your website, just try to ignore it unless it is potentially harmful. The best way to deal with it is to insert credible links wherever possible and show that the content on your website is reliable. If you have good backlinks, it is going to contribute its share of reputation to your website and you can easily avoid the bitter results that the poor quality backlinks could get you.

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